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Solutions for SMEs with international ambitions

Starting up activities in Africa

You are an SME looking to invest in, or expand to, the African market but


... you are not sure how to get started? 

... you wonder how to manage your risks?

... you have great staff, but they have no field experience?

... you are looking for ad hoc support on a freelance basis?

... you are looking for experts with a proven track record to get your project started quickly?


Green Crossroads helps you fine-tune your strategy, develop the business case, work out an operational plan and identify funding sources. 


We can help you establish a local presence for your company, finding your way across the legal & tax implications, and perform a due diligence of your local partners.


We help you prepare the start-up of your activities in emerging countries, identifying potential suppliers, clients, partners and figure out logistical solutions. We can bring you in touch with technical experts, local governments and/or international organizations.


We provide startup support through regular field visits or through reliable long-term on-site presence


Green Crossroads' ambition is to be your trusted advisor from A to Z for your sustainable business venture in Africa.

Project management & project monitoring

You are currently active with operations or a project in emerging markets and ...


... you are looking for someone to take the lead on a new project and manage it all the way through?

... your project needs a breakthrough and you need someone who can get you the results in time?

... you are looking for a reinforcement of your team by experts with a proven track record and                 with experience managing projects in various industries and countries ?


Green Crossroads can provide project management or project implementation support
in various ways. We have a large network 
of highly-skilled individuals with a track record in general management, project management, financial & human resources management, process improvement and various technical areas of expertise. We can bring in project management support for short term assignments or help you establish a local presence and team.

We will identify the team to get the job done, meeting your specific needs & expectations.

... you have developed a great product but somehow your operations are not delivering?

... you are entering into a partnership with a local partner, ut you need assurance that your partner     will not turn into a liability for you

... you already have an ongoing operation, but there are trust issues and you want to get to the               bottom of things?


An organizational assessment will help you get a detailed view on your project's performance. This includes having a detailed look at your operations, finances, internal controls, human resources, governance and compliance requirements. 

The outcome of an organizational assessment can be an efficiency improvement plan, cost reductions, project refinancing or organizational restructuring. We can either advise or help you implement the required changes in close collaboration with you. 


In case of a trust issue, Green Crossroads can perform a range of specific audits. If required,
we have also built solid experience with fraud investigations in Africa.

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