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NAMé Recycling winner of Business without borders competition

Green Crossroads is happy to announce that one of our projects, NAMé Recycling ( has won the 'Business without borders' (Ondernemen zonder grenzen) national business plan competition in the Netherlands.

The finalists were selected from a large number of submissions, each representing an innovative project involving the set up of a new sustainable business in a developing country.

NAMé Recycling was the ultimate winner of the business plan competition, with 2 jury prizes from Van Lanschot Private Banking and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as prize for best project as awarded by the audience of the finale at the 'Connected Development' festival.

"In the streets of Cameroon, Belgian entrepreneurs Roblain and Thomas are preparing for a double challenge: tackling the environmental problem of plastic pollution and creating jobs for the unemployed youth of Cameroon.

NAMé Recycling collects and recycles plastic waste (PET, HDPE, LDPE), transforming plastic packing waste into plastic pellets to be sold as recycled raw material to the local market (breweries, bottling companies) and the international market.

The project aims at substituting virgin plastic with recycled plastic, reducing the demand for fossil fuels by recycling existing material. NAMé Recycling addresses an environmental problem of plastic pollution in Africa while creating jobs for unemployed youth in Cameroon and starting off a sustainable recycling industry in Africa based on European health, safety and quality standards. "

NAMé Recycling's website:

Information on the Business without borders award:

Interview with Roblain & Thomas:

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