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Green Crossroads proud to be involved in the start-up of NAMé plastics recycling !

Brussels - 11/11/14

Green Crossraods is happy to announce its collaboration with NAMé recycling, an exciting startup in the area of PET plastic recycling in Cameroon !

Plastics have become the material of choice for a wide range of packaging because they are lightweight, they are resistant to chips and they provide better than any other, the protection and delivery of products to market with minimal packaging.

While the plastics industry recycles its own manufacturing waste for several years, plastic recycling post-consumption is relatively young. we noted, Nevertheless in recent years, an increase of initiatives aiming to convert plastic wastes into new products. In fact, the number of plants recycling plastics has increased over the time.

Today, and over a third of these facilities are now treating post-consumer plastic

wastes. Still, every year millions of plastics containers, bottles and others, still remains in the environment and Africa remains far behind any other continent concerning the recycling industry while being the highest producer of plastic waste.

NAMé recycling is situated in the city of Limbé in the south west of the republic of Cameroon. Based on a lean process, the main activity will be the recycling of wasted plastic followed by the commercialization of recycled Polyethylene Terephhalate or PET speck. The end product (PET speck) will be re-injected in the Cameroonian and international market.

The cycle of this production will be done with utmost respect for the environment.

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