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Solutions for responsible NGOs

Technical assistance
Project Management Support

Green Crossroads is available to provide technical assistance to NGOs and international organizations.


Our focus area is the development of social business models and the implementation of projects based on local entrepreneurship.


We believe that for most projects to be truly sustainable, they should be grown bottom-up and designed to be(come) financially self-sustainable.


We have seen and have helped to develop many succesful examples in the IT, waste management & recycling, water supply and renewable energy sectors.


We have ample experience working in West-, East- and Central Africa and have established relations with a wide range of stakeholders in many of these countries.





You have several ongoing programmes & projects in developing countries and ...

... you are looking for an interim project manager who can fulfil the duties of your TA until a         replacement is found? 

... you have ongoing projects with large fiduciary or other financial risks and you would like to support your local team with expert advice and backoffice support?

... you're looking for a business coach to you support beneficiary projects in the area of business management or financial management?

Green Crossroads can provide project management or project implementation support
in various ways. We have a large network 
of high performers with years of experience in general management, financial management, human resources management, process improvement as well as several technical areas.

Depending on your needs, we will help find you the right team to support your project.


... your project had a flying start but more recently it isn't delivering results as expected?

... you want an external review of the operational or financial performance of your project
    by an experienced and independent expert?

... there are trust issues between the headquarters and your local office 
    and you want to get to the bottom of things?


An organizational assessment will help you get a detailed view on your project's performance. This includes having a detailed look at your operations, finances, internal controls, human resources, governance and compliance requirements. 

The outcome of an organizational assessment can be an efficiency improvement plan, cost reductions, project refinancing or organizational restructuring. We can either advise or help you implement the required changes, of course in close collaboration with the customer.


In case of a trust issue between  headquarters and the local office, Green Crossroads can perform a range of specific audits. We have also built solid experience with fraud investigations in Africa.

... you are managing a large number of programmes and projects in several countries but it is difficult to keep track of the status of each of them?

... your projects have extensive logframes as per donor requirements but they are not telling you much about the performance of the projects

... you want to keep a closer eye on the local financial situation of your projects by means of up-to-date budget spent, current bank account balance, etc


A tailor made KPI dashboard will keep you apprised of the status of different projects.


With a World Bank trained M&E expert in our team, we have experience in the development of Monitoring & Evaluation systems for development organisations and performing evaluations on the field. 

However due to our hands-on field experience we also know what works and what doesn't; which information is necessary, useful and workable to collect, analyse and visualise in order to provide assurance on project implementation progress for your headquarters.

We would be happy to help you review your internal M&E strategy or provide very practical and hands-on tool to get M&E out the text books and donor requirements and translate it into a useful tool for your daily project management.

Organisational assessment & Audit
Monitoring & Evaluation
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