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Services for SMEs with sustainable ambitions

Sustainable business innovation

You have built an established business, but


... your market is becoming increasingly competitive and you want to reclaim market leadership       and excellence

... you want to take sustainability and CSR beyond window dressing and make it part of your               revenue drivers? 

... you have a stake in emerging market and want to include sustainable win-win partnerships         between North and South as part of your business model?


Green Crossroads offers sustainable business innovation services.
Together, we will turn your business model upside down, drill holes into your value proposition, challenge your assumptions about your resilience for the future and establish solutions to turn 
potential threats into opportunities, today's weaknesses into tomorrow's competitive advantages.


As a next step, we can assist you in implementing sustainability transformationsbuilding the business case, performing market research, identifying partnerships with partners in the South and setting up pilot projects.

We have experience in realizing innovative business models based on North-South collaboration with benefits for people, planet and profit that will reposition your company as a sector leader for the next few decades.



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